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Water games

Aquatic Playground

Find our playground for children, older children and nostalgic adults. Loved by the children and idolized by the parents this aquatic playground, located in the middle on the camping de miel, is an unmissable activity. This area of ​​play perfectly suited for summer and heatwave. 

Enjoy the pleasures of swimming and refreshment in a fun place. Watering with water jets and geysers, passing his head and body under the effect of such a waterfall, playing with water cannons, fountains and buckets, they are several possibilities of fun !

Transform the swimming of your children by allowing them to live moments of games and sharing. Enjoy a real space dedicated to children's fun and entertainment. Enjoy moments of laughter and splashing with your family !

A fun and fresh attraction, which will delight young memorable holiday memories. Everything is done so that children can have fun safely, even for those who can not swim.

  • Designed for your children
  • Located on a natural site
  • Security

This play area at the disposal of children is necessarily under the supervision of parents.